1. You lie to her.

When she is with you, she has given herself to you. A lie and it’s all gone. And if it keeps repeating, there is no value for your words. When she is with her complete heart, mind and soul; lies is something she not only doesn’t expect but also not deserve.



  1. You always say you are busy.

Whenever she texts you, you read her message but you don’t reply. Whenever she calls you to ask you something, you tell you are busy and hang up the phone.


But when she is around, you are always active in talking to your friends.


  1. She waits to meet you over the weekend but you want to keep sleeping.

Every weekend she plans for an outing starting from brunch to a good party, but the response she gets is I am very sleepy. The fire just goes away.

Whereas when it comes to you meeting your friends, you are like a red bull.

Even if she is cool in you going with your friends, one day she expects is will be hers, but you are so tired coz of the drinks last night that you want to keep sleeping.


  1. You are bored by her talks.

She loves telling you stories. Things like not getting an auto but going by a rikshaw to her office. She wants to tell you every single thing. But because it does not hold any significance so you don’t pay attention. Don’t even care to listen. She feels ignored.


  1. You asked her to wait but you forgot she is actually waiting.

When she calls you up, you asked her to wait and you will call in another 10 mins. But those 10 mins never get over. She feels unimportant.


  1. You compare her with someone else.

You are her king, her prince. When she sees you, she can just see you. The world is on one side and you are on the other. But when it comes to you, you compare her beauty, her sense of humor, her dressing style with another girl. She hates it.



  1. You give importance to something else over her.

She leaves everything when it comes to you. Her heart still skips a beat when she sees you. But when she comes in front of you to ask your opinion on something, you ask her to get a side because you are concentrating on a cartoon on TV. She feels neglected.



  1. You taunt her which you find funny.

She not knowing routes, she telling story, she telling a restaurant. You may not like it, you may not agree to it. But that does not mean you will make fun of her. It may be funny once or twice, next time she will be offended esp. when it’s done in front of others.


  1. You make a plan for the next week with her, but you forget it by the next week.

You say you will come pick her up the next Monday. Where she had been planning for that Monday for the entire week, it’s not even in your thoughts.


  1. Everything she picks, you say it’s the worst thing you have seen.

She has a taste. She just wants your consent in what she is buying. She enjoys it. But to everything if you will say, it’s bad. She will feel disheartened.


Yes these things do sound small. But for a girl who just adores everything about you, it is all that matters. Where small things can make up a relationship. Small things can also break one.

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