Top 10 sexiest sportsmen in the world

Top 10 sexiest sportsman in the world

1. Pablo Osvaldo

The Italy international footballer has a bad boy reputation and combined with his looks that reminds us of a young Johnny Depp (We don’t mean Depp’s old now just more mature) . He plays as a striker and aggression is his forte with many incidents involving opposite team .

pablo osvaldo sexiest sportmen


2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo Is 4 times crowned best footballer in the world , has won the European soccer championship as a captain of Portugal. Although he has a playboy lifestyle and is a true metro sexual with an unmatched talent for football. He is Mr perfect and he knows it!!!.

Cristiano ronaldo sexiest sportsmen


3. Leigh Halfpenny

The cutest rugby player in the world Leigh Halfpenny is known for his tackles and boy does he pack a punch. He plays rugby for wales and among the most harshest of sports retains his cute charms.

Leigh halfpenny sexiest sportsmen


4. Virat Kohli

The best player in the world of cricket Virat Kohli plays cricket for India. He scores for fun, lives the high life and has actress girlfriends. His talent combined with his boyish charms put him at number 4 in our list of the sexist sportsmen in the world.

Virat kohli sexiest sportsmen


5. Roger Federer

Roger Federer is one of the all-time greats of Lawn tennis and plays for Switzerland. He is a smooth customer both on and off the pitch . A well renowned family man but that doesn’t stop him from being as sexy as one could be. His clean image along with his talent put him in our list of the sexiest sport person in the world.

Roger Federer sexiest sportsmen


6. Tom Brady

is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League. He looks best when he is angry and his aggression epitomizes his persona. His rugged yet likable looks put Tom Brady as one of the sexiest sportsperson in the world.

TOM BRADY sexiest sprtsperson


7. David ‘Hayemaker” Haye

David Deron Haye is a British professional boxer and a former world champion in two weight classes.

He has a British charm along with his tough punches that are knockout for girls.

David Haye sexiest sportsmen


8. David Beckham

The man needs no introduction, he has been crowned the sexiest man alive and rightly so. He has talent, has style and even owns a soccer club!!! Although he is taken but that doesn’t stop us from swooning over him .

David beckham sexiest sportsperson


9. Jenson button

Jenson Alexander Lyons Button British Formula One driver from England. In a sport of glamour, he stands out even more. Speed is in his blood and living in the fast lane his habit plus he’s British! That puts Jenson button in our list of sexiest sportsmen in the world.

Jenson button sexiest person


10. Kobe Bryant

The  17-time All-Star has a rocking’ bod, speaks fluent Italian and is nicknamed the “Black Mamba” that introduction alone is enough. Hes strives to be the best at what he does and is humble besides his success.

 kobe bryant sexiest person

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