Top 10 Most fashionable women in sports


1. Alex Morgan

She’s an American soccer player that scores off and on the pitch and her achievements in the world of soccer speaks for itself. She’s an Olympic gold medallist and FIFA women’s world champion. Her talent matches her looks and panache for fashion which defines her as a new age of women that are winning the world. Alex Morgan is the number one on our list of Most fashionable women in the world.

Alex Morgan most fashoin able women in sports


2. Maria Sharapova

Women Fashion is incomplete without the mention of the Russian 5-time grand slam champion Maria Sharapova. Sharapova has a unique style of fashion and her quote below says everything about her.

“My style when I was younger was still unique to me. I didn’t necessarily dress by the trends but I was aware of what was trendy at the time and how I could apply it to my own sense of style”

Maria Sharapova most fashion able women in sports


3. Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey is an American Alpine Ski racer and has won four world cup overall championships one which is a record. She’s her fashion is comfortable yet striking and her attitude is what puts her in our list of most fashionable athletes in the world.

Lindsey Vonn most fashion able women in sports


4. Leryn Franco

She is a Paraguayan athlete, model and even an actress who carries fashion on her back. She works for the athletic department club Sol de América. She specializes in javelin throw and became an internet sensation during the 2008 olympics`.

Leryn Franco most stylish women in sports


5. Serena Williams/Venus Williams

The tennis sisters are famous across the world of tennis for introducing new fashion on the court. Their niche dresses for grand slams are a hit among the crowd and their fashionable attire off field brings out the fashion sense unique to them.

Serena sisters most stylish women in sports


6.Danica Patrick

A NASCAR racer from America Danica Patrick defines aplomb with her grace both on and off the Racing circuit. She is a women in a sports dominated by men but pulls her own weight and has set records by winning the indy japan 300. She stylish and lives in a high lane but her humbleness defines her fashion.

Danica Patrick most fashionable women in sports


7. Sania Mirza

The most successful female tennis player ever. She has won numerous doubles and mixed doubles grand slams and is an epitome of a girl next door with some major talent on the playing field. Off the field she is as fashionable and has an army of fans backing her fashion endeavours.

SANIA MIRZA most fashionable women in sports


8. Anna Kournikova

She is a Russian former professional tennis player who took the world of women tennis by storm. Her looks and fashion made her one of the best known tennis stars worldwide. She retired prematurely at the age of 21 due to serious back and spinal problems but that didn’t stop her from being a fashion icon and one of the most searched female celebrity worldwide.

ANNA KOURNIKOVA most fashionabe women in sports


9. Anna Rawson

She’s an Australian profession golfer and one of the few good enough to play the prestigious LPGA tour. Shes an icon the enhances the World of golf with her good looks and fashionable outlook.

ANNA RAWSON most fashionable women in sports

10. Torah Bright

She’s an Australian snowboarder who’s as cool as ice on the Arena , she has her own fashion label. Shes an Olympic gold and silver medallist with immense talent and a peppy fashion sense that matches her personality.






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