There are days when you just want to laze around. When you prefer to feel too comfortable but still want to have the stylish chic look. The days where you dont want to wrap yourself in a jeans nor do you want to wear that hot dress. Boyfriend shirt is the best option for these days. Not to forget the feeling it brings, of being wrapped in an extra sheet of love.

Boyfriend Shirt Dress

Use the shirt as a dress. And pair it up with a broad gold/brown belt.


         A red lipstick with sky high heels adds on the flavor of sexiness.

      Team it with skinny jeans.

              Wear it as a long top over your well fitted jeans or jegging.

              Pair this with a statement neck piece. Prefer flats in this look.



      Tuck it in your shorts/skirt.

              If the shirt is not too loose, tuck it in a pencil skirt. Can be worn for a formal look.  And with a flared skirt for a casual outing.




Over the dress as a cape.

              On a tube dress or noodle strap to hide your heavy shoulder. Capes anyway give a little touch of elegance to any outfit.


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