Yes you read that right, moving from the best days to the not so good ones.

A girls’ life changes when she transforms from Fat to Fab. The extra attention, the love for herself, the extra gazing in the mirror.

Where I wish life could be like this, well it actually isn’t the case always. You are right; here I am talking about the tendency of girls to gain weight. The days when we are not so fit.The days where we feel that eating salads and fruits regularly will do nothing but even smelling a pizza will add extra inches around our waist line.

Considering our lifestyle these days, this tendency is observed quite frequently in our generation. Agree, it demotivates us but need not worry; a lot of girls are in the same boat as you may be in.

After marriage, extra work load, long working hours, travel to work are just a few reasons why there is no time to hit the gym.

What do we do in such a situation when nothing actually fits us from the wardrobe? When everyone is posting about their fabulous days, you are losing the love for your skin.

Your wardrobe needs to change, but this doesn’t mean that you completely get a new one because then the motivation to get back into your original shape will also go away with those pretty dresses.

So here is all that we can do or start doing:

  • Replace the body hugging tops/ dresses with little fitted ones. It should cover your fat but not show every curve of your body.
  • From sleeveless or half sleeves, move on to 3/4th sleeves or full sleeves. Trust me, 3/4th looks more royal and elegant.
  • Get those beautiful scarfs and match them with your outfits. It helps you in hiding your belly fat. At the same time will accessorize your dress.



  • Start wearing dark colors like black, blue, red, dark green. They make you look slimmer.
  • We have such beautiful waist coats & shrugs –vibrant colors, denims in market. Looks perfect over every top.

24omla-i women-winter-sherpa-fur-vest-fashion-jackets-sleeveless-winter-coat-suede-leather-vests-for-women-waistcoat

  • Say a strict no to extra loose top and baggy pants. Makes you look bulkier than you actually may be.
  • Start experimenting with your wardrobe:
    • Yes I know we love those pretty miniskirts, but haven’t we worn them too much already. Try out floor length skirts and tea length skirts which ends somewhere in middle of the calf. Wear these with a well fitted top and a statement neck piece.



  • Palazzos are in these days. Why not wear them with a top and chunky jewelry or a plain pleasant colored kurta.



  • Don’t wear Horizontal stripes, instead go in for Vertical Strips.

While you bring these changes in your styling, you need to take out those precious 30-45 mins in morning or evening to go for a jog. This should not be your permanent style statement but only a temporary one.

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